What’s A Car Transponder & What to Do If It Stops Working?

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Today, many modern vehicles are now powered up using a car remote also known as the car transponder. It’s a fob-like remote control with buttons on it with a chip installed that responds every time a user presses the buttons. 

Car transponders have become quite a common component these days. They are great for multi-purpose usage. A user can lock/unlock the car door as per choice. They can trigger the car’s alarm system and at the same time, power up the engine. 

Every car model has a different transponder key with a unique set of buttons. Whether you drive a Buick, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Cadillac, Lincoln, GMC, Mercedes, or any other vehicle, almost every modern car now has a central control system that is controlled by a transponder. 

However, what do you do when your car’s transponder suddenly stops working?

Just in case, if your car’s transponder suddenly stops working, then here’s what you need to do to make it work again. 

Check If You Have Multiple Keys for the Same Vehicle

To begin with, check if you’ve multiple keys for the same vehicle which are kept close to each other. This can be a problem because the RF signal on both can superimpose each other creating a canceling effect. Having two transponder keys in close vicinity can interrupt the car’s ignition process. So it’s best advised that you check the car and see if you don’t already have a car transponder lying somewhere inside. Now remove the car transponder from the vehicle and see if your current transponder still works or it doesn’t. 

Check if the Battery on Your Car’s Transponder Working

Car transponders have batteries that power up the fob so it can send messages to the vehicle’s internal computer system. Has it been a while since you’ve owned the car? It’s more likely that the car’s transponder battery might’ve run dead. As with every gadget or device powered by a battery, there comes a time when the battery runs out of its juice and something similar may have happened with your car’s key fob too. You can find these batteries easily from a locksmith store or a nearby pawn shop. Ask them if they offer battery replacement service or not? If they don’t, you can always hire an automobile locksmith to do the job for you. 

How to change your car’s key fob battery? Well, you can easily do it by checking your vehicle’s instruction manual. 

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Get in Touch with Your Auto Dealer

If it’s not the battery or a duplicate car key fob which is interfering with its functions, then it’s more likely that your car key fob has malfunctioned. One of the ways to get your car’s key fob working back again is through reaching out to your automobile dealer. There’s a possible chance that the problem just might not be with the key but with the car’s internal computer system. Your car’s auto dealer can diagnose the problem and see if it requires antenna ring replacement or RF signal calibration.

Check With an Automobile Locksmith

Last but not the least, check up with an automobile locksmith to provide you with the necessary assistance. If your car’s key fob has suddenly stopped working or your car’s transponder key battery has run out of juice, a professional locksmith can offer you a car key fob replacement. They can also change the batteries or reprogram your car’s key fob then and there. Are you searching for a professional automobile locksmith to help you with your car’s key fob problem? Call AFA Locksmith in Birmingham and we will provide you with a certified, licensed, bonded and insured locksmith to help you with your car’s key fob problem. 

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