What are Some of the Security Issues Which Many Businesses Overlook

Security Issues

If you own a store and live in the United States, you must partially be prepared for a break-in. Store thefts are a common practice that we all observe once in a while if we run a business entity somewhere in the United States. It’s not because people don’t take preventive measures; they actually do. It’s because burglars and intruders have become sound and smart when it comes to breaking into premises and performing theft. Are you a business owner yourself operating in the United States? Do you want to know what security issues you can face when safeguarding your prized possession? 

Here are common safety issues that almost every brick-and-mortar store in the US has to face. 

Data Breaches & Digital Thefts 

With a greater population shopping online, the chances of becoming a victim of digital theft have become more than imminent. Ecommerce crimes are on the rise, and online shopping fraud takes the lion’s share of 30%. Collectively, businesses have reported that they have lost market capital in billions because of e-commerce thefts. Today, digital criminals can target retailers in several different ways. 

Phishing scams, DDoS attacks, physical (point-of-sale) system hacking, the list goes on. 

To prevent such risks, eCommerce store owners should consider implementing software solutions that can keep them safe. There are many 3rd party Internet security services that they can hire. 

Inventory Damage 

Natural disasters can happen unannounced. Hurricanes & flooding are the most common disasters which destroy many well-maintained inventories in the United States. They damage not only the physical stores but also trash up entire warehouses. They not only damage the physical structures, but they also lead to power outages, and as a result, people experience product losses.

It’s one of the reasons why many retail outlets are encouraged to purchase commercial property insurance. They can easily customize the insurance as per their business-specific requirements. General retail insurance policies must have a section that may cover inventory damages. 

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Threats from Employees 

They say you can’t trust anyone, not even your employees. What if you’ve recently removed an employee who was always non-punctual? Even worse, what if your employee was a shady character? 

If you have recently removed a shady employee, there’s a chance that you can experience a break-in. 

Most burglary attempts are carried out at retail stores because of thumb-print impressions or easy-to-guess passwords. People usually hire employees who leak the password to someone else, and they intrude into your property, causing you significant losses. Employees who have access to sensitive information such as your cash register or your access control system passcodes must sign a contract of non-disclosure before becoming a part of your business. Also, install CCTV cameras to monitor them. 

Old & Worn Out Locks Installed 

If your brick or mortar store has traditional locks installed, the chances of an intruder simply walk-in are more than you can imagine. They have all the necessary tools required to break into your premises. And this is only possible if your locks aren’t in good shape. Many business owners are struggling massively because they never concerned themselves with changing the old & worn-out locks at their premises. And as a result, someone always found a way to break into their premises and steal away their precious items. 

Are you also concerned that your retail store has old and worn-out locks? Well then, how about you hire one of our professional locksmiths to help you rekey or change your old locks with brand new ones?

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