Secure The Safety And Privacy Of Your Apartment Complex with Lock Rekeying

Breaking in or burglaries are said to be a crime of opportunity. Thieves are always searching for a place that is considered the easiest target. If you own an apartment complex, you must focus on security because various people are coming in and out of your property. Admit it – we cannot just trust everyone. But, there is always a solution. You have ways to avoid these circumstances and have a worry-free mind because if you have proper lock systems in your place, there is nothing to fret about. And as a responsible property owner, you must know that you need to consistently re-key the locks at your apartment complex.

7 Locks To Consistently Re-Key At Your Apartment Complex

Security should never be taken for granted – plan ahead and have a solution before a problem occurs. The first step should always be to search for the best locksmith in your area. AFA Locksmith is the most reliable locksmith in Birmingham, Alabama. Then, you must know the locks in your apartment complex that need to be re-keyed consistently.

  • Main Entrance Lock

Tenants and workers of your apartment will always have the key to the main entrance. They bring it with them when they leave. Some may get a duplicate of this key. These old workers or tenants may come back anytime and make use of the amenities of the building. At the same time, they are risky to the security of the present residents of the apartment. It is necessary to re-key the main entrance lock of the complex.

  • Rear Entry Lock

The same threat is there at the rear entry doors. Former tenants used to have a key to this entrance – you should not risk it and take any chances. This lock is more critical than the entrance door lock. Usually, main doors are well-monitored, and back doors are sometimes left unattended. Strengthen the security, and re-key the rear entry lock regularly.

  • Every Apartment Lock

When a tenant moves out, you cannot risk the security of the new one. The old tenants might have a spare key to the unit, but they would only return the original key. Re-keying the individual apartment lock is best for the security and privacy of the next tenant and your apartment complex.

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  • Depot Closets or Units Lock

Most apartment complexes issue their renters with depot units. Most old tenants take the key with them when they leave or may have a duplicate key. We cannot assure anyone, but some may come back and take advantage to loot the stuff of the new tenants. Therefore, to secure the privacy and security of everyone, you must replace the locks of the storage units consistently.

  • Pool Gate Lock

With kids around, it is ideal to re-key locks frequently. The pool area is the most visited amenity inside an apartment complex, and the pool gate lock can rapidly wear over time. A regular visit by a locksmith in this area is a must for regular check-ups and re-keying of the gate locks.  It is for the safety of the children and the residents.

  • Glass Door Locks

Sliding glass door locks wear out over time and fail to function accurately. Make sure to re-key this lock regularly because it could lead to a risk to security or could leave somebody stuck outside their patio or balcony if it fails to function.

  • Main Office 

Replace the lock of your main office often. Workers and tenants may come in and out here, and some may duplicate the key to the dominant area in the building. This part possesses important files and stuff. It is necessary to change your main office lock constantly.

It is essential to think and do something about the safety and privacy of your business, workers, and tenants. Why would you risk if you can have a trouble-free solution? AFA Locksmith in Birmingham Alabama is here to offer you the best service you can get in the market. We are accessible just a phone call away. Call us and experience the services of our certified locksmith.  

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