Top Five Benefits of Purchasing Smart Lock for Your House

Smart Lock for home

It happens with all of us once in a while. 

We come back home from a tough day at work only to find that the front door of our house is unlocked. If something similar has happened to you, then it’s pretty obvious that an intruder has broken into your place when you weren’t around. Times as such, we often wonder if only we had better locks installed at our premises… If you’re looking to upend your home security, the best way to go is by installing a smart lock. But wait, are they even reliable? Would they be a better option compared to existing traditional solutions? 

If you’re skeptical about purchasing them, here are five benefits that will help you make that decision: purchasing a smart lock is the best thing you can do. 

Read on… 

Smart Locks Are Convenient 

One of the primary benefits of installing a smart lock at your home is that it offers you convenience. Smart locks can easily integrate with your home’s smart assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit Hub. 

Instead of going all the way downstairs to lock your front door, you can simply say “okay Alexa, goodnight” and turn the thermostat down, dim the lights of your home and make sure Alexa locks your front door. You won’t even have to go all the way to double check if your doors are locked. 

Besides, smart locks can also be controlled using your smartphone from a remote location. If there’s a late night guest coming over and you’re in the bedroom, all it takes is a couple of taps & swipes on your smartphone to unlock your front door and allow them to enter. 

Smart Locks Are Versatile in Aesthetics 

Gone are the days when retrofitted oddly shaped big size smart locks were not much of a fad. Today, they are available in a multitude of aesthetic options. You can now purchase smart locks from a variety of vendors who have simply manufactured them in a way that it adds more style to your premises. 

Back then, many smart locks had an unattractive deadbolt design. 

Fast forward to today, several companies like Yale, Schlage, Mul T Lock, and more have successfully been able to create lock solutions that can seamlessly blend in with the current home aesthetics. 

There are so many options available. You can always ask a locksmith to show you a catalog. 

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With Smart Locks, Say Goodbye to Hiding Keys 

How many times have you kept the keys to your front under the mat or inside the mailbox? Did you actually feel secure doing it or did it make you feel more vulnerable? With smart locks, you don’t have to feel that vulnerability ever again. Smart locks don’t require physical keys to get accessed. They need a passcode which you have to dial in through the keypad in order to access your home door. Afraid someone might gain access to it? Well, you can always update the smart lock with a new password and save yourself the hassle. Due to its reprogramming capability, you will never have to worry about losing or keeping a key under the mat or in the mailbox or elsewhere. 

Worried About Home Lockouts? Not Anymore 

Lockouts normally occur when you lose a key but when you’ve smart locks installed at your premises, you can easily gain access to your doors by simply entering a password. It’s the single most benefitting option for those who are worried about home lockouts. To unlock a smart lock-powered door, it only takes an Internet connection, a smartphone, and in most cases, a powered smart lock with a keypad entry system. So if you don’t want to face any home lockout issues, any further… You can always choose a certified locksmith specialist to install a robust smart lock system at your residence. 

Are you in search of a certified locksmith to install premium quality smart locks at your residence? At AFA Locksmith, our professional locksmith in Birmingham can install all kinds of modern lock solutions for your smart homes. Feel free to get in touch with our professionals at any time.

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