What to Do if You Locked Yourself Outside of Your Car

If you have ever locked your keys inside your car, you definitely know how stressful and hard it is to open the door. AFA Locksmith completely understands that this scenario can happen to anyone, we are humans after all.

We highly recommend that you talk to a locksmith technician when locked out of the car, but we also know that this is not always that easy for some. Which is why we have here a short list of what you can do when you have a locked key in the car. Read on and learn more.

If you find yourself locked out of your car, make sure to assess your vehicle first and analyze why and how you locked the keys in the car before taking any action. You might have removed your keys from the ignition, placed it on the seat to get your bag and then just proceeded to close the door, forgetting to pick up the keys. It might also be that you put the keys down on the floor of your car’s trunk and unloaded the groceries, and then just closed the trunk door leaving the keys in there.

In case there is an emergency though, like a pet or a baby is in there in the locked car, call the police or an emergency locksmith immediately.

Here are a few steps you can take in instances of a car lockout:

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Use a Spare Key

Having a spare key would prove very beneficial in a car lockout situation. If you have an extra set of keys, you will not even break a sweat if you left your keys in the car. Just get that extra key and voila! Problem solved.

The sad truth, however, is that most drivers keep their spare keys in the vehicle too. For those who have kept it at a different location, you can just have someone bring it to your location. This would only work though if you are just a short distance away.

Obviously, this solution only works for those with spare keys. You might want to have one made after being in this situation.

Check if there are other alternative points of entry to your car

We understand how frustrated you would feel when you realize that you just left your keys in the car. Do not feel overwhelmed though and double check where exactly in the car have you left your keys. Check all the doors and all the windows. What can be more frustrating than calling everyone in a panic to help you in your car unlocking, only to realize that you left the doors open all this time?

You can also use a wire to fish out the key from a slightly rolled down window. If the doors and windows are not an option, check your car’s trunk. For some vehicles, you can access the vehicle’s main compartment by crawling through the trunk. If you have an unlocked trunk and the car allows this, then good for you, you just found a solution to your problem.

There are also services and apps like OnStar and Viper that allow the users to unlock their cars remotely. If you have a subscription, now is the perfect time to utilize it. If you do not have it, ask your other family members who have access to your car. They might have a subscription and that could make your life easier.

Be creative in using some Do It Yourself Car Unlocking Tricks

You will be happy to know that are quite a few DIY solutions for a locked car. Of course, this would depend on the type and state of your vehicle. You might not be able to use your tricks for modern vehicles with a very tight security system.

Enlist the help of a Professional Locksmith Technician

Getting your keys locked in a car is not something to be ashamed of. It happens. Which is why several locksmith companies offer car-unlocking service.

Do not hesitate to reach out or ask for assistance if ever you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. This might be the only option you have to get back into your car, especially if you have already tried the ones we discussed above.

Some drivers worry about the cost while others just do not want to admit their error. That is okay though, we are humans. It can happen to anyone. Of course, you would obviously need to spend a few bucks for the service provided by the technician. If you have insurance with your roadside assistance company, they sometimes provide this service for free. In emergency cases, the police also provide unlocking services for free.

Once again, do not be afraid to call for help if you need it to unlock your car. AFA Locksmith made sure that we could help you solve this kind of situation anytime you need it and anywhere you are. We offer car-unlocking services 24/7 done only by trained locksmiths. This means we can effectively deal with any car lockout situations and help you get back into your car quickly.

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