What Are the Top 6 Lock Replacement Options to Consider

Lock Replacement Options

Imagine a family who sleeps soundly, knowing that no intruder can get access to their home. While another family is restless and suffers sleepless nights with the thought of someone invading their house. 

Now, you must be wondering what’s the one thing that’s changing the entire scenario of the two families? Well, it’s the type of lock used. 

Locks are the primary foundation for the security of your household or workplace.

It’s critically essential to use the right kind of lock to guarantee maximum safety from any security threats. 

Today, you can find several lock replacement options in the market. Infact, those alternatives can provide utmost convenience by ensuring the safety of your place.

Just connect with a local locksmith to choose the right lock replacement suiting your purpose. 

To simplify things for all of you, here is a list of the diverse kinds of lock replacement options available in the market. These are some of the most effective lock alternatives when it comes to the security of your premises.

So without further delay, let’s save you from the intruders!

Listing the top 6 lock replacement options…


One way of keeping your people and property safe is through a deadbolt. An affordable option, the deadbolt is a tried and tested lock operating on two mechanisms, the single or double cylinder functions. 

Because this lock doesn’t use spring for unlocking, it makes deadbolts highly durable and strong. So, if you’re in search of a genuine, quick, and simple lock replacement option, then a deadbolt is fit for the job.

Lever Handlesets

Mostly used in residential exterior front entry doors, this lock functions with the assistance of a deadbolt thumb turn mechanism and is widely available in two variants: full-plated or two-piece. 

Smart Electronic Locks

One of the strongest and the most reliable lock systems at your service. People searching to deploy the finest security options, smart locks are your ultimate solution. 

This locking mechanism functions with the help of electronic devices, mainly smartphones or tablets. Interestingly, these efficient locks don’t demand your physical presence for unlocking, it can get done remotely as well.

Compared to other lock types, these locks are the latest in the market and offer maximum security by eradicating all sorts of lock problems. Once you install them, worrying about losing keys is completely off the chart. Some of the common ones include:

Electronic Deadbolts

Similar to traditional deadbolts, electronic deadbolts require a mobile application for the authentication of the person trying to unlock the door. These locks have garnered large appreciation for their efficient usage of electronic devices for unlocking a door.

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Keypad Entry Lock

The name is self-explanatory. This lock system demands a pin code to be set up to open the door with the help of a customized code mechanism built in the lock itself. Make sure to remember and imprint the pin code in your mind, as this lock totally depends on the code to be unlocked. So, don’t get stuck outside for hours just because you forgot your pin!

Fingerprint Padlock

Your entire household relies on those tiny fingers of yours, if I may say so. The fingerprint lock, as the name suggests, is a padlock locking system that requires a fingerprint scan for unlocking the door, quite similar to how you unlock your phone. This lock is literally technology at its best. It’s an upgraded form of security with the advantage of being keyless.

Knowing about the several locks can confuse you in choosing the one that will suit your desired purpose. Hence, contacting a professional locksmith is highly essential.

AFA Locksmith Birmingham guarantees quality service and skilled locksmiths who have years of experience in working with and installing various kinds of locks. What’s more? They are available 24/7.

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