How Often Should a Business Rekey Their Locks?

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When you are running an office building, there’s a lot that you have to take care of. Most importantly, you have to ensure that your building’s security is up to the mark because a safe and secure workplace is necessary for you and your employees. There are probably several different doors, file cabinets, and safes in your building, and you have a separate key for each one of them. Realistically, changing the locks, again and again, is impossible because it will cost you a fortune, but if you’ve lost count of the number of people who have access to the keys to these locks, then rekeying might be a better option for you here. 

On the other hand, rekeying every time an employee quits isn’t a reasonable option either. Keeping the other expenses in view, you just can’t waste your money here, so the wiser thing to do here is to decide on a time limit after which you’ll get all the locks rekeyed. 

Our Recommendation 

If you aren’t at any immediate risk or if there’s no immediate threat to the security of your office, then you can get the locks rekeyed anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. You can make this decision based on different factors like; the current status of your security, the company’s turnover, how many employees have access to the keys, etc. It’s just that the more you think your security is at risk, the more often you should invest in lock rekeying. 

Situations When You Must Rekey Your Locks 

Sometimes, there are circumstances and situations where you shouldn’t wait at all and get the locks rekeyed immediately. For example;

  • When Someone, You Don’t Want Has Access To The Keys 

You can’t trust everyone in your office, and it’s a given fact. Similarly, you can’t trust every employee with the keys, so if any one of your employees (who you don’t trust) has access to your keys, you should immediately call a locksmith and get the locks rekeyed. 

  • Someone Who Left The Company Can Be A Security Risk 

This is the kind of decision you should make based on your instincts and experience. As said earlier, you can’t just rekey the locks every time an employee leaves the office, right? So the best thing to do here is to think about the person who just quit, analyzes the situation, and if he or she seems like a security threat to you, just get the locks rekeyed. 

  • Someone Broke Into Your Property 

If you recently had a break-in, don’t wait and call a locksmith to either rekey the locks or change them completely. This is one of the most dangerous situations because criminals often make duplicate keys of the locks to rob the place again when they have a chance to. During such times, you should be getting all the locks on all the doors, cabinets and safes rekeyed no matter what it is. 

  • If The Keys Aren’t Functioning Properly 

Have you ever had a door lock problem? If yes, you might know that sometimes, it’s not the lock but the key that needs to be fixed. So if your office keys aren’t working properly or get stuck inside the lock every time you try to open it, you should get new keys for the lock and get the lock’s mechanism changed. This way, you’ll feel more secure, and your locks and keys will start working properly. 

How To Get Your Locks Rekeyed? 

If you’ve made up your mind about getting your locks rekeyed, then just call a locksmith right away. The good thing is that you can now easily find a locksmith around. And well, if you want to hire someone reputable and trustworthy, then don’t wait and CALL US NOW! We’ve got the best and the most professional locksmiths in Birmingham AL that can rekey your locks within minutes!

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