7 Questions to Ask Before Replacing a Deadbolt

Replacing a Deadbolt

Deadbolts are the safest door locks in the category of door locks available these days. They are strong, durable and secure. Are you living in Birmingham and worried about break-ins in your area? Then you are definitely in need of a Deadbolt lock installed on your main doors. Deadbolts are better than any other door locks as they are strong and go deep into the frame. They are hard to break or detach from the door in case of a burglary.

Knowing if you need a new Deadbolt or a Replacement of an existing one, it is important to ask a few questions from an expert locksmith before making a decision.

Why do you need to replace a Deadbolt?

Is it that you are increasingly concerned about the security of your home? Has the existing deadbolt lock installed worn out? Or are you concerned about the aesthetics of your door locks? Whatever the case, it is always a wise decision to get deadbolt locks checked for your home’s entry doors, where you’re in need of enhanced security. Deadbolt locks are technically advanced locks; therefore, it is important to hire a certified locksmith in case the deadbolts at your place start malfunctioning. 

What kind of a door do you have?

Knowing your door type is very important while buying the right deadbolt lock for your door. Glass doors need a different deadbolt as opposed to a hollow core wooden door. Placing inappropriate locks without knowing the door type will kill the purpose of having a deadbolt lock.  For glass doors, double cylinder deadbolt locks are used. For hollow core wooden doors, deadbolts are not recommended at all. Discuss your door type with us at AFA Locksmith in Birmingham and choose the right door lock for you.

Are you adding a new lock to the door?

If you are adding a new lock to an existing door or a new lock to a new door it is important for you to know that your door has enough strength to support a deadbolt lock. For new doors, we recommend having doors that come with pre-drilled cross bore holes for mounting deadbolt locks. Additionally, installing metal slipcovers where the wood is removed from the doors is essential for adding strength to the door.

Have you taken your measurements before you replace your deadbolt lock?

Want to save time in placing the right deadbolt at your door? If you are aware of the diameter of the holes, the length of the cross-bore holes and the spacing between the holes while ordering the lock you will easily find the right deadbolt lock. One that fits properly in the door. If you don’t know how to take the measurements, call us and we’ll handle it for you.

Are you planning to make other upgrades when you replace your deadbolt lock?

While you are planning to replace your deadbolt lock, it is a good idea to install other add-ons that will help enhance the utility of a deadbolt lock and give enhanced security. Since replacing the lock might result in loss of doors wood, adding metal slipcovers and using longer screws will add an extra support. We at AFA Locksmith in Birmingham will do it for you at a very nominal price during the replacement process.

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Is the replacement going to be electronic?

With so many technological advancements in the locksmith industry, there are still mechanical deadbolt lock options available besides electronic locks. The electronic door lock options come with apps in our smartphones that can help with advanced security. But with electronic locking options, power will always be an important consideration. Therefore, mechanical and electronic both lock types are available and you can choose whichever one serves your needs.

Should you call a locksmith to replace your deadbolt lock?

Now that you understand the importance of having a deadbolt lock installed at home or office, we suggest that you hire a professional to do the job for you. The reason for this is, that be it a replacement or a new deadbolt lock installation, our expert locksmith would install it correctly one time. It may happen that you miss out on some important components of the door lock if you try to install it yourself or you might get the wrong size. Having it done right one time will save your precious time and be a conscious safety choice.

Are you searching for a certified locksmith to provide you with adequate information on deadbolt locks? At AFA Locksmith Birmingham, we have expert teams who have the knowledge and the expertise to replace your deadbolt locks with brand new ones. To learn more about what deadbolt locks will be best for your door types, contact our locksmith at (205) 379-8481. 

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